A young, Hispanic woman walked into the Local Government Building where I worked.  “Whoa!  I can read those lips from across the room!” I thought to myself.  It’s easier to lipread people with full lips.  No lip people might as well be speaking Chinese to me.  She made her way to the computers, then shot me a quizzical glance.

She walked toward me at the Help Desk.  I looked at her intently, confident I would be able to understand her speech. She parted her lips  half an inch and froze them in midair. 

“Uaa eeee ii uuaa.”   

 What?!  Maybe she’s speaking Spanish. “I’m sorry, I didn’t understand you.  Can you please repeat that?”

 “Uuaa eeee ii uuaa.” 

The woman refused to move her large, stone lips to form words.  I’m pretty good at lipreading, but the lips have to move. 

“Let me get someone to help you.  I’ll be right back.”