I’m sitting in my car at a stoplight. The peaceful wait for the green light is disrupted by a low bass rumble. The rumble increases exponentially as a low-riding pimpmobile with glittering, spinning rims bounces closer and closer. BOOM! BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM! This monstrosity on wheels rolls to a stop beside me, all windows down. The driver bobs his head in slow motion, keeping time with the soul-pounding beat of rap.

I seethe for a few seconds as the heavy bass vibrates every bone in my body. The bobbing epitome of coolness is oblivious to the disgusted looks aimed his way. I open my door and walk over to him. He looks at me and smiles, certain I share his discriminating taste in music.

Leaning forward, I shout, “I USED TO LISTEN TO LOUD MUSIC!” as I pull my hearing aids off and shove them under his nose. Wide-eyed shock replaces his smile. “TAKE A LOOK AT THESE! YOU’LL BE WEARING THEM IN A FEW YEARS, TOO!”

The spell of coolness broken, he lowers the volume and I walk back to my car. I smile, satisfied I’ve done my Good Deed for the Day.