In the early 1980s, while my parents were visiting a beautiful island in the Caribbean (my mother’s hometown), my grandmother came to stay with me, my younger sister, and brother. I slept on the sofa bed in the living room and my grandmother slept in my bed. We all watched television for a while (with the volume full blast, since built-in caption decoders didn’t exist), and called it a night around 11:00 pm.The next morning, a pile of debris appeared on the carpet beneath the table. As I bent down to clean the mess, I noticed the color was a familiar beige. Frantic, I ran to the living room and checked the end table where I placed my hearing aids the night before. No hearing aids. I wordlessly screamed at the top of my lungs. How could this happen? My “ears” were in pieces, I couldn’t hear, and my parents were out of the country!

My grandmother, sister, and brother rushed to see why I was upset. My sister confessed to bending the rules, bringing the dog inside the house without telling anyone. This was a very expensive way to learn that dogs are attracted to ear wax (eww!).

Sheesh, mom and dad, the dog ate my hearing aids. He really did!

Anyone out there ever lose a hearing aid in a wacky way?