I push the shopping cart through the aisles in the grocery store, and notice a woman giving me a quizzical glance. Maybe she recognizes me from the Local Government Building, I think to myself, and continue my trek to the cookie aisle, lured by Mrs. Field’s finest semi-sweet chocolate chip cookies. As I giddily reach my destination, several people turn to look at me, with the same quizzical expression on their faces. Aha – now I get it! My cell phone must be playing the Macarena. I check it, and sure enough, Super Hearing Boy is calling his Mama!

I’m truly perplexed by my cell phone. It’s hearing aid compatible, and I use it daily with my T-switch or Bluetooth it with my SmartLink and hearing aids. It is set to the loudest factory-installed ringtone, yet I can’t hear it ring most of the time. This past week, I have been fruitlessly trying to create a suitable ringtone using my piano keyboard, Anvil Studio, and MyxerTones. I’ve read blogs and forum posts devoted to the LG VX8300 promising ringtones without a hitch, and have been able to successfully create several. I’ve converted MIDI files to wav, MIDI to MP3s, and wav to MP3s. Unfortunately, only Super Hearing Boy can hear my creations.

As I previously posted, I don’t wear my hearing aids when I’m not actively listening to someone. As I write this, I see that I missed a call about an hour ago – and my phone was two feet from my ears! Does ANYONE know of a loud ringtone suitable for hard of hearing people? Please don’t suggest that I set it to vibrate and attach it to my waistband – that’s not gonna happen!


Cindy (Deaf person with a cell phone)