My name is Cindy, I’m 42 in my late forties, and I have a hearing loss that ranges from mild in the low frequencies to profound in the high frequencies.  I wear two powerful digital hearing aids and MUST lipread to understand speech.  My speech is normal, although my audiologist says if I had been born with the hearing loss I now have, American Sign Language (ASL) would probably be my primary language.

The uninitiated don’t have a clue what it’s like to be hard of hearing.  Many hard of hearing people try to hide their hearing loss from others.  If this is you, don’t. Deal with it.  Tell people you are hard of hearing.  Communicate your needs. Decent people will accommodate you. Why be ashamed of something you can’t help?

Why did I choose “Beethoven’s Ears” for the name of my blog?  I am a musician, and after a performance, people approach me and mumble. When I explain that I’m hard of hearing, people respond, “Oh, like Beethoven!”  Well……yes.  Like Beethoven, my ears are a constant source of  frustration.  Like Beethoven, I was embarrassed to talk about my hearing loss when it was diagnosed, but later accepted and openly acknowledged it.  Like Beethoven, I am tormented by tinnitus, and slowly losing my hearing.  Essentially…..I’ve got Beethoven’s Ears.      (Thanks, Gabriel!)

I created this blog for the uninitiated, people just beginning to lose their hearing, and for those with long-standing hearing loss.  Please comment and share your stories.  We can learn from each other.